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Today I saw a photo of a little girl who looked absolutely giddy, with a huge smile and so much light in her eyes.

And my first thought was, I hope one day I’ll be as happy as she is.

I never thought about it that way, but isn’t it sad, how when we grow up we can spend so much of our time as grownups wishing we could go back to the way we felt when we were younger.

As adults, we know more than we did as children, but sometimes…

we feel less.

Wait wat


Arcade Washing Machine by Lee Wei Chen

Created to utilize those finely-honed gaming skills in the real world, the Arcade Washer takes coins in exchange for lives in the vidya gaem, and only progresses to the next spin cycle so long as you havent run out of lives. In which case, you better get dad to fork over more quarters. I cant wait for the X-Men Arcade Washer so I can wash clothes with five friends.

(via: Design Boom)

via: ianbrooks

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